Native American Indian Commission


The fifteen member commission was established by the Los Angeles County Ordinance No. 111409 adopted September 7, 1976 and effective October 8, 1976. Five members appointed by the County, five members appointed by the City of Los Angeles, and five members elected by the Native American community pursuant to the elections conducted by the Commission. (LACC § 3.42.030)

Commissioner Tribal Affiliation Appointed by
CHERI THOMAS, Chairperson Quinault/Yurok Supervisor Mitchell
CHRISSIE CASTRO., Vice Chair Navajo LA City Mayoral
KIMBERLY MORALES JOHNSON, Secretary Gabrieleno/Tongva Native Community
SHAWN IMITATES-DOG, Treasurer Lakota Native Community
DR. ANDREA N. GARCIA, M.D. Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara LA City Mayoral
ALLISON HICKS Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation/Choctaw Native Community
DAWN JACKSON Saginaw Chippewa Native Community
ROBERT JUDKINS Apache Native Community
RANDALL MURPHY Choctaw/Lakota LA City Mayoral
RUDY ORTEGA JR. Fernandeño Tataviam  Supervisor Kuehl
JOSEPH A. QUINTANA Kewa Pueblo LA City Mayoral
RICH TOYON Acjachemen Supervisor Barger
TED TENORIO Tiguan Nation Supervisor Solis
MARK VILLASENOR Fernandeño Tataviam LA City Mayoral
RENE’ WILLIAMS Colville Tribes Supervisor Hahn

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