Native American Indian Commission


Community Services American Indian Block Grant (CSAIBG) Program

Self Governing Board

The Indian Commission took significant efforts to protect and retain the Community Services American Indian Block Grant (CSAIBG) program for the Los Angeles Indian community which has been provided to the Indian community since 1993. The Board of  Supervisors and the Indian Commission share grant authority for this program that are designated as “Emergency Services” by the State of California.

The CSAIBG program is administered by the Self Governance Board of the Indian Commission to served over 10,000 American Indians in the Los Angeles County area per year in direct services as well as intake and referral. The Self Governance Board administers sub-contracts with three American Indian groups, United American Indian Involvement (UAII), Gabrieleno/Tongva Native American Services, and Pukuu Cultural Community Services. The types of services included intake and referral, emergency food, emergency shelter housing, employment assistance, education, youth services, and many other areas of services. The Self Governance Board administers the CSAIBG program in conjunction with the Board of Supervisors and is the only direct urban area grantee in the State of California.

These are very important services since almost all of the non-Indian service providers in the County provide little of no services to the American Indian community. As an example of the lack of services, the Community Health Centers in California wrote a letter in response to President Bush’s budget that the Community Health Centers would NOT be able to provide services to the American Indian clients if the Indian Health Service program was eliminated in Los Angeles. The problem becomes more intense when review is made of the Indian Health Service (IHS) funding which funds only One health program in Los Angeles County although Los Angeles has the highest population of urban Indian nationwide.



Gabrieleno/Tongva Native American Services

(626) 286-1632

Pukuu Cultural Community Services
One Stop Emergency Services

1019 Second Street, #2
San Fernando, CA 91340

(818) 336-6105

United American Indian Involvement (UAII)

1125 W. 6th Street, Suite 103
Los Angeles, CA 90017

(213) 202-3970

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