Native American Indian Commission

Agency Actions

Pursuant to the Los Angeles County Ordinance the Commission primary purpose are to promote the development of programs and funding resources; advocate legislation and policy, work with existing federal, state, and local agencies. Foster pride in and awareness of Native American cultures among Americans. Work with the Native American community to develop recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor, and City Council.


2019 October  15 – LANAIC motion passed unanimously by the LA County Board of Supervisors who will work with our community to address housing and homelessness. (PDF), (WEB)

2016 October 5 – Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission voted to replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.

2016 September 28 – Supported City of Los Angeles to Stand with Standing Rock Sioux Nation and against the Dakota Access Pipeline project. (WEB)

2015 November 13 – City of Los Angeles Arts, Parks, and River Committee Motion File No. 15-1341 – Native American Locations / Report on History and Cultural Impact (PDF), (WEB)

2015 November 13 – City of Los Angeles Arts, Parks, and River Committee Motion File No. 15-1343 – Indigenous Peoples Day (PDF), (WEB)

2006 to Present – City of Los Angeles established November American Indian Heritage Month (PDF).

Actions Archive

2009 to 2016 – Native American Professional Sports Appreciation Nights; LA Clippers, LA Galaxy, LA Dodgers (WEB)

2015 – Against Junipero Serra sainthood.

2014 November – White House Initiative American Indian and Alaska Native Education (WHIAIANE) – first-ever school environment listening tour (WEB)

2012 – 2016 – Policy Briefs & Reports – Los Angeles Urban Indian Roundtable (WEB)

2012 March 27 – Psychotropic Medication to American Indian Youth, Indian Child Welfare Act

2004 September 30 – SB 18, Burton. Traditional tribal cultural places.

2004 June 09 – Supported AB 858 School or Athletic Team Names, Mascots, or Nicknames

2002 April 15 – Supported AB 2115 Schools: athletic team names and mascots

1995 May 16 – Crazy Horse Malt Liquor Protest, Resolution to United State Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms rejection or revocation of any approvals of liquor brand labels.

1988 March 06 – Back to Their Roots for Retirement : Aging Indians Finding They Can Go Home Again (WEB)

1977 June 20 – Supported the creation of the Indian Health Services Liaison Officer in the County of Department of Health Services

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