Native American Indian Commission

Tracy Perez  

Candidate Biography 

Tracy has worked in the Los Angeles Native community for the past 15 plus years assisting as a volunteer and advocating for the community whether it be with healthcare, housing, education and other resources to better assist the needs of the community. She has participated and currently sits as a board member of several organizations to provide support in efforts to bring more funding to serve the needs of community members. 

Candidate Statement 

I am currently a member of the Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission because we all need to advocate, educate, assure and support our communities so that our cultures are preserved, to address the disparities in the needs of our people that are often overlooked in urban Indian populations. I can continue to inspire a new generation to pursue the goals of helping address the issues of our communities. With my work and educational background, it is my hope to support the continued effort to rally policymakers and other advocates to search for more effective ways to address the disparities of our native communities.

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