Native American Indian Commission

2022 Community Elected Commissioner Candidate

Mona Morales Recalde

Candidate Biography

My involvement with the Native American Community is a lifelong journey. Some of my earliest memories are at Native events. I am a tribal member of the San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians Gabrieleno/Tongva. I participate in cultural preservation through attending Tribal meetings, revitalizing our language in song and dance, volunteering to work the land and providing education classes.

In various education offerings through the tribe, we work to learn about our native plants and how they were used. We work through the tribe to protect White Sage poaching and participate in bundling events when the sage is illegally extracted. Through our state protected land at Kuruvungna Springs in Santa Monica, I volunteer on a monthly basis. In addition, I participate in a Native Woman’s group to provide exposure to Native issues beyond our local tribe to learn and listen. My family also participates annually in the Indigenous Peoples Day celebration.

Candidate Statement

My intention as a commissioner is to serve the native community and uplift the native voices and concerns in Los Angeles County. We are home to one of the largest native populations in the US and the needs are varied due to the size and complexity of the myriad of issues that impact our community. Through my participation, I hope to advocate on behalf of AIANs to ensure legislation is inclusive of our communities’ needs. This requires a holistic view encompassing frp, understanding the needs, supporting legislation, funding and ensuring the services are utilized. Based on my professional and personal experience, I am capable and able to do this work. I view this as an opportunity to give back to the community that has supported me through the years.

Through my years of experience and travels in a professional capacity I have established leadership skills and adapted to a servant perspective of meeting people where they are at, being an active listener and providing thoughtful questions to complex issues. I focus on solutions and drive to find common grounds when varying perspectives are present.

What I hope to achieve is to make a positive impact for the AIANs in Los Angeles, supporting initiatives and providing a voice for a population that is often not heard. I hope as a commissioner to learn through listening and bringing my professional experience/education to the commission assisting with new initiatives and programs.

I plan to uplift the AIAN community’s voice and concerns to LA City and the County by sharing the voice, we are here. I will support by attending events, using social media as an outlet and raising our voice and concerns in a thoughtful manner.

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