Native American Indian Commission

2022 Community Elected Commissioner Candidate

Denise Escoto

Candidate Biography

Hello Haaahe Aloha I am Denise Escoto I am Northern Cheyenne and Native Hawaiian from the island of Kawai. I am very dedicated and take pride in servicing my native community and meeting their needs. I have over 22 years involvement and experience with the native community. My aspiration is to deliver true leadership and vision to our native community. I have the potential to view the present as it is and invent a future for our community. I am currently actively working for a Native American Indian Social Service agency. I have been working with them for 20 years. I have also worked with multiple agencies and projects within the native community TANF, Native American Diabetes Project, Walking Shield volunteer services, Students Run LA/UAII couching our native youth to run the LA Marathon, COVID food services/supplies during the pandemic to our native families, worked with Baby2Baby on getting baby basic needs for our native babies. I also outreach in the community at Pow Wows, native community events, and conferences to provide resources to our community.

Candidate Statement

My goal is to provide the best possible assistance for Native American Indian Families, children and seniors in becoming self-sufficient by directing them into a path that best their needs in the areas of senior care, job development, domestic violence, culturally relevant support, childcare, transportation costs, teen pregnancy prevention, education, substance abuse, and mental health.

In today’s difficult economic climate, I am aware of the need for efficient operation and am vigilant in identifying opportunities to streamline processes and reduce operating costs.

I will represent our community with professionalism and am able to establish and maintain relationships with our community, associates, and external partners at all levels.

I am confident that the community will benefit from my experience as well as my enthusiasm and commitment to quality service.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to working for our community.


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