Native American Indian Commission

Robert Judkins

October 8, 2019

Robert Judkins

Native Community Elected Commissioner


Born and raised in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles, Robert descends from several generations of proud Native Americans and Angelenos.  After attending the University of Southern California, Robert began his career in the Movie and Television Industry holding management positions at notable Hollywood Post Production facilities such as Technicolor, The Post Group, Complete Post, Matchframe Video, Cinema Research Corporation and Video Transitions Robert recently served 13 years as Manager of Production Application Development and Design for the National Football League at the NFL Network where he was responsible for On-Air production software and re-designing the NFL Networks Telestration software for remote and in-game laptop use.  Robert also served as a Committee Co-Chair on the National Football League’s Diversity Council.

Since leaving the National Football League, Robert has concentrated his efforts on Native American Communities, brining awareness, and exposure to Native American youth sports across the country. His most recent activity was as Executive Producer for the Television broadcast of the 2022 NABI (Native American Basketball Invitational) Championships on ESPN.

Robert’s full-time focus and dedication is now to provide access to Professional athletes, Technology/Education experts, industry contacts, resources and exposure for Indigenous youth in addition to proudly serving the Native American Community.

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