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Fred Leaf

October 8, 2019

Supervisor Barger Appointed Commissioner

Fred Leaf (Potawatomi) was appointed Interim Director of the Los Angeles County Health Agency by the Board of Supervisors in January 2018.  The Health Agency structure was created in 2015 to foster stronger integration between the Departments of Health Services, Public Health and Mental Health.

Leaf brings over 35 years of professional experience to the role, including executive management experience in the Department of Health Services, the second largest public health system in the country and a leader in developing services for at-risk and vulnerable populations.

Most recently, he worked in the Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, representing the County on a statewide health policy framework to preserve gains made under the Affordable Care Act and the expansion of affordable health care coverage.

Earlier, he served as Supervisor Michael Antonovich’s Senior Health Policy Advisor, a highly visible role where he coordinated all policy matters related to the Department of Health Services, Public Health, Mental Health, and Homelessness.

Prior to joining the office of Supervisor Antonovich, he served as the Chief Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Department of Health Services, directing administration of an integrated system of hospitals, health centers and private, nonprofit clinic partners that together ensured delivery of a broad array of essential health services to County residents.

He also served as the Acting Director of Health Services, where he was responsible for the overall management and operations of the department that has a current annual operating budget of $4.3 billion and employs over 21,000 employees.

During his long tenure with the County, Leaf also served in management positions in the Departments of Mental Health and Public Health.

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